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Iran grants visa-free travel for nationals of 7 countries including Egypt , Lebanon and Syria


On Monday ,Iranian PressTV reported that  Iran has canceled its visa fees for nationals of seven countries, in an attempt to revive its tourism sector. The seven countries are; Turkey, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bolivia, Egypt and Syria. The report said that “The new visa regulations state that the citizens of these countries can freely stay in Iran without visa from 15 to …

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Iran’s ‘staggering’ execution spree


 nearly 700 put to death in just over six months Amnesty International  The Iranian authorities are believed to have executed an astonishing 694 people between 1 January and 15 July 2015, said Amnesty International today, in an unprecedented spike in executions in the country. This is equivalent to executing more than three people per day. At this shocking pace, Iran …

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Mr Netanyahu is king of a world of perpetual fear


By: Jonathan Cook Barack Obama used an Israeli TV interview last week to gently rebuke Israel’s prime minister. He warned Benjamin Netanyahu that security obsessions made him able only to “see the worst possibilities”. Mr Netanyahu’s intransigence had destroyed Israel’s “credibility” in regard to a two-state solution, Mr Obama added, indicating that he would not seek to revive peace talks. …

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The Collapse of the Obama Doctrine: Yemen War as an Opportunity?


By Ramzy Baroud To suggest that the United States policies in Yemen was a ‘failure’ is an understatement. It implies that the US had at least attempted to succeed. But ‘succeed’ at what? The US drone war had no other objective aside from celebrating the elimination of whomever the US hit list designates as terrorist. But now that a civil …

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Netanyahu the Mythbuster: ‘Special Relationship’ No More


By Ramzy Baroud Imagine if an American presidential candidate made a plea to his supporters on election day with the following statement: “The Republican administration is in danger. Black voters are going en masse to the polls. Liberal NGOs are bringing them on buses.” Even in a country where Chris Matthews is a media celebrity and Pamela Geller is an …

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Toronto Newspaper Found Guilty of Libel Against Climate Scientist


by Lizabeth Paulat – Care 2 Does the National post of Toronto have a grudge against climate scientist Andrew Weaver? Well, from 2009-2010, it certainly seemed to be the case. Article after article decried Weaver as a “climate alarmist” and “Canada’s warmest spinner-in-chief.” However, it looks like Weaver had the last laugh, when, after filing a lawsuit for defamation, he was awarded 50,000 …

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The strategy behind Israel’s attack on Iran and Hizballah


Israel’s claims of an imminent threat of Hizballah attack are not credible. More likely it wants to subdue the Lebanese militia so that it has a free hand to manipulate the Syrian battlefield to its advantage Al-Araby – 22 January 2015 By Jonathan Cook Israel has good reason to fear that the Lebanese militia Hizballah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard will seek dramatic revenge for the killing of …

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Iran: Iranian-Canadian “Blogfather” reportedly released from prison


Local Iranian media on Thursday reported that an Iranian-Canadian journalist, Hossein Derakhshan, dubbed “the blogfather” was freed from prison after being handed a 19 year jail term for traveling to Israel. Derakhshan was arrested in November 2008 after his visit to Israel, Iran’s arch-foe, using his Canadian passport, on what he called a trip to breed understanding between Israelis and …

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Iran: imprisoned British-Iranian woman goes on hunger strike


British-Iranian woman Ghoncheh Ghavami imprisoned in Tehran after she tried to attend a men’s volleyball game has gone on a hunger strike after being in custody for one hundred days, her mother said. Ghavami was arrested on June 20th near the Azadi stadium in Tehran, where the men’s national volleyball team was about to play Italy in a World League …

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Iran executes psychologist for heresy


A former psychologist was executed in Iran of heresy after spending eight years in prison, a human rights group said on Tuesday. The execution is the most recent example of what activists feel is a troubling rise in the use of the death penalty in Iran. The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) said that Mohsen Amir Aslani was hanged …

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