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UAE businessman Abdullah Al Ghurair donates third of his assets to charity


Leading United Arab Emirates businessman Abdullah Ahmed al-Ghurair has donated a third of his assets to an educational foundation as part of a charity drive, he said on Tuesday. Ghurair is the father of billionaire Abdulaziz al-Ghurair, chief executive of Dubai-based Mashreq bank , one of the emirate’s biggest lenders. Ghurair said in a  news conference that  The foundation will …

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Sharif Higazy; A Global Citizen, For his socially-conscious entrepreneurship


Source: Canadian Arab Institute Sharif Higazy is the very definition of a global citizen: when interviewed, he explains that he’s been travelling between five different cities in the past 48 hours, including Dubai and London. As an international business expert and entrepreneur, the 37 year old Higazy has spent the last ten years working with clients like Amazon, Google, RBC, and Wal-Mart. …

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California’s “pepper spray chancellor” stays silent over racist abuse of Arab and Muslim students


 by Nora Barrows-Friedman– The Electronic Intifada Following the recent approval of a resolution to divest from companies that profit from Israeli apartheid at the University of California at Davis, a barrage of hateful, Islamophobic and racist attacks have been launched against Arab and Muslim students — including a student senator. UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi condemned the divestment resolution just …

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Naji al-Ali: The timeless conscience of Palestine


By Arjan El Fassed– The Electronic Intifada On Wednesday July 22 1987 at five in the afternoon, Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al-Ali parked his car in southwest London, and walked a few meters towards the offices of the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas where he worked. He was shot in the head by a gunman, dressed in a denim jacket, who walked calmly …

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Social experimental restores faith in anti-Islamophobic Canada


A social experiment in which a Canadian actor posed as an Islamophobe ended with the actor getting punched, suggesting the generally tolerant environment in Canada despite isolated racist abuse after the recent terror attack in Ottawa. Director Omar Al-Bach conducted the social experiment in Hamilton, the home town of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, the victim of the Ottawa attack. Two actors …

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Attention on Burnaby mosque due to Ottawa gunman


The Masjid al-Salaam mosque in the town of Burnaby has recently come under the spotlight after it was discovered that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the man behind the Ottawa shooting, had attended the mosque. However, on Friday, the mosques fielded questions from international press members to dispel all notions that the Mosque has not condoned his actions. B.C. Muslim Association’s spokesman for …

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Muslims custodians take care of Jewish synagogues in India


At a time when tensions between Israel and Palestine seem to be at an all-time high, the small Jewish community in an eastern Indian city seems to be living alongside their Muslim brethren without any trouble. Three synagogues in the Indian city of Kolkata, which boasts of a miniscule Jewish population of around 20, have had Muslim caretakers for generations, …

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Indian Muslims buck Islamic radicalization conceptions


India has the second-largest Muslim population in the world, with approximately 176 million Muslims, making up 14.4% of the country and 11% of the total Muslim population in the world. However, there is little mention of the country in Western media, thanks largely to the fact that most of India’s Muslim population in un-radicalized. According to an Economist editorial, “a …

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Families can’t afford living in three-fourths of Vancouver


Almost 75% of neighborhoods in Vancouver are too expensive for the average family to buy a house in, a study conducted by The Vancouver Sun suggested. The daily created an interactive “affordability map”, and found out that a family with an income of less than $ 80,000 before taxes cannot afford homes in 76% of the Metro Vancouver region’s neighborhoods, …

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All According to Plan

Human Rights Watch

The Rab’a Massacre and Mass Killings of Protesters in Egypt – HRW   The 188-page report documents the way the Egyptian police and army methodically opened fire with live ammunition on crowds of demonstrators opposed to the military’s July 3 ouster of Mohamed Morsy, Egypt’s first elected civilian president, at six demonstrations between July 5 and August 17, 2013. While …

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