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Arab American patriots to be honored on Veteran’s day

Arab American patriots will be honored on Veteran’s day at an original exhibition presented by the Arab American National Musuem (AANM) at the Rotunda of the Russell Senate Office Building at Capitol Hill, Washington. The exhibition, titled “Patriots and Peacemakers”, is open from November 10th to the 14th, and is open to all; admission is free.

The interactive, multimedia presentation tells the true stories of self-sacrifice and heroism which affirm the crucial role Arab Americans have played in the country’s development. The exhibition highlights the efforts of 170 people from 39 states in specific areas of service – the diplomatic corps, the Peace Corps and the US Armed Forces.

Over two dozen Arab Americans based in Washington, DC are among those featured in the exhibition. The list of people includes the likes of Gen. George Joulwan and Gen. John P. Abizaid from the US army, Army veterans and diplomats Philip Habib and George J. Mitchell, diplomats Camille Nowfel, Edward Gabriel, Susan L. Ziadeh and Marcelle Wahba, and Peace Corps members George Gorayeb, Nura Suleiman, Ruth Ann Skaff and Raja’e Nami.

Skaff, Ziadeh, Gabriel and several Arab American patriots, federal lawmakers, Peace Corps leadership and diplomats are expected to attend a private reception in the Kennedy Caucus Room at the Russell Senate Office Building on Wednesday.

According to Devon Akmon, director of the AANM, “Arab Americans have been an integral part of the United States of America since its inception, contributing to our society in myriad ways, including public service, with dignity, loyalty and sacrifice”.

“Right now, there is so much damaging misinformation being spread about Arab Americans, especially when world events cause some people to paint with far too broad a brush. To present accurate and timely information about Arab Americans in our nation’s capital, directly to our country’s leaders, represents an historic moment for the Museum and the national Arab American community”, he added.

The complete list of patriots includes:
Hon. Sammie A. Abbott – United States Army, World War II

General John P. Abizaid – United States Army (1973–2007)

James G. Abourezk – United States Navy Korean War (1948-1952)

Jamal S. Baadani – United States Marines (1986-2010)

Mofid Deak – United States Department of State, (1987-present)

Julie Eadeh – United States Department of State (2002-Present)

Alei ElDorry – Peace Corps Volunteer, Turkmenistan 2004-2006 Recruiter, Mid-Atlantic Peace Corps Office 2007-2009

Hon. Edward Gabriel – U.S. Ambassador to Morocco (1997-2001)

George Gorayeb – Peace Corps Volunteer (Morocco 1971-1973) Staff, Yemen (1975-1977); Washington, D.C. ( 2004)

Hon. Philip Habib – United States Army, 1942-1946 Foreign Service, 1949-1978; Special Envoy to the Middle East, 1981-1982

Najeeb Halaby – United States Navy, World War II

Michael Hindi – United States Department of States (1980s-2011)

General George Joulwan – United States Army (1966-1997)

Hon. Theodore (Ted) Kattouf – United States Army (1968-1971) U.S. Foreign Service (1972-2003)

Dr. Nabeel Khoury – U.S. Foreign Service (1987-2013)

Paul Malik – U.S. Foreign Service (1992-present)

Thomas Mansour – United States Coast Guard (2009-Present)

Hon. George J. Mitchell – United States Army (1954-1956) Special Envoy for Northern Ireland (1995-2000) Special Envoy for Middle East Peace (2009- 2011)

Raja’e Nami – Peace Corps Volunteer, Gabon (1997-99)

Camille Nowfel – US Department of State, diplomatic interpreter (worked for five presidents)

Dina Habib Powell – United States Department of State (2005-2007)

Isa Khalil Sabbagh – United States Information Service/United States Foreign Service (1950s-1980s)

Col. Alfred H. M. Shehab – U.S. Army (1942-1963)

Ruth Ann Skaff – Peace Corps, Morocco (1971-1977)

Nura Suleiman – Peace Corps, Cameroon ( 2007-2009)

Hon. Marcelle M. Wahba – U.S. Foreign Service (1986-2008)

Hon. Susan L. Ziadeh – U.S. Foreign Service (1993 to present)

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