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Supreme Court ruling strikes down rezoning for controversial Yaletown city-developer land swap and two towers


By FRANCES BULA – State of Vancouver January 28th, 2015 This was a bombshell yesterday. More to come. No one seems to know all the scenarios that might play out (could this void the city’s land sale with Brenhill? will public hearing process need to be changed?), all of which sound serious and complicated. Lots of interesting things in Justice …

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Vancouver startup prints human tissues on demand


The world was introduced to the concept of 3-D printing –a three-dimensional and functional object printed out of a machine. We thought we had come a really long way from Gutenberg’s Printer. And, as a true testament to humanity’s mental evolution, we now have 3-d printing of human tissues. Enter the world of bioprinting. Testing new drugs and growing parts …

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I hate fireworks


By Salam Kareem I hate fireworks I used to enjoy it But, not anymore I still think it’s fun But, still cannot enjoy it   I was just a little girl But since that war Fireworks makes me sad It brings tears to my eyes I feel my heart squeezed Somewhere in the world Kids take shelter   Was never …

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Dr. Fitaihi “Have a Cause, Have a Mission” in Vancouver


On Sunday, May 4th, the Vancouver Muslim Community center, in coordination with the SFU Centre for the Comparative Study of Muslim Societies and Cultures, organized a lecture by Dr. Walid Fitaihi titled “Have a Cause, Have a Mission”. The lecture has been presented all over the world, including several cities in Europe, North America and Saudi Arabia. According to Dr. …

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