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Brazilian star Caetano Veloso announces he will never go back to Israel


BDS:  After performing in Tel Aviv, in defiance of Palestinian appeals not to help Israel use his name to cover up its regime of oppression, Caetano Veloso has now concluded that he will “never go back” to Israel. In an article entitled, “To visit Israel to never go back to Israel”, published on November 8, the prominent Brazilian artist reveals …

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Ex-IDF critic of War Crimes against Gazans


Yonatan Shapira, co-founder of Combatants for Peace, three-time Gaza Boat sailor, and supporter of the Palestinian Campaign of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions  (BDS) will speak in Vancouver: November 3 and 8. In 2003, Yonatan Shapira was one of 27 Israeli air force officers who denounced as war crimes the “targeted assassinations” carried out by Israel in the densely-populated Gaza Strip. The …

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Jerusalem chaos is a warning of things to come


By : Jonathan Cook  Among Palestinians and Israelis, the recent upsurge in violence has been variously described as the children’s, lone-wolf, Jerusalem and smartphone intifadas. Each describes a distinguishing feature of this round of clashes. The steady erosion of Fatah and Hamas’ authority during the post-Oslo years, as the Palestinian factions proved incapable of protecting their people from the structural …

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Israel: Christian Schools Plan to Protest by Stay Shut

In this photo taken Wednesday, May 27, 2015, Arab Israeli Christians hold signs during a demonstration in front of the education ministry in Jerusalem. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

In Israel and east Jerusalem Christian schools have threatened to stay closed for Tuesday’s start of the new academic year because of a financing dispute with the government. The director of schools overseen by the Custody of the Holy Land, Abdel Massih Fahim, said  that the shutdown  was planned to demand equal treatment with other schools in Israel.  He added …

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Better to be a dog than Bedouin in Israel


By: Jonathan Cook I have written recently about Israel’s efforts to wipe off the map the 1,000-strong Bedouin community of Umm al-Hiran in the Negev (Naqab) so that Jews can live in their place. Dozens of other Bedouin communities in Israel – known as “unrecognised villages” and representing tens of thousands of Palestinian citizens – are facing similar fates. The …

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Human Rights Groups criticize ‘Surge’ in Israeli Home Demolitions in West Bank

Israelis bulldoze Palestinian homes

Human Rights Groups denounced Israeli demolitions of homes in the West Bank where the U.N. said 63 houses and other structures were destroyed this week alone, making 132 Palestinians homeless. In a joint statement, 31 international organizations including Oxfam and Amnesty International slammed the “surge” in demolitions and urged world leaders “to take urgent action” to put an end to …

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Palestine, the alternate universe


By : Amer Zahr There’s no reason to think there’s anything wrong. Almost no reason. Except for one thing. There’s a military occupation going on. Forty-eight years later, unfortunately, this still has to be explained. And I don’t want to try to explain it to you by exploring international law or geopolitics. Wikipedia has that pretty well covered. Instead, let’s …

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Infant Mortality Rises in Gaza for First Time in 53 Years

A Palestinian doctor holds the dead body of a baby girl following an Israeli airstrike on a house in Gaza City on August 19, 2014.

A new study by the U.N. aid agency for Palestinian refugees says.that infant mortality rate in Gaza has risen for the first time in more than 50 years, A statement from the UNRWA relief agency released said “The number of babies dying before the age of one has consistently gone down over the last decades in Gaza, from 127 per …

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Launch of innovative digital tool to help expose patterns of Israeli violations in Gaza


 Amnesty International An investigative online tool mapping Israeli attacks in Gaza during the conflict of July and August 2014 has been unveiled by Amnesty International and Forensic Architecture today. Its purpose is to help push for accountability for war crimes and other violations of international humanitarian law. The Gaza Platform enables the user to explore and analyse data about Israel’s …

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The B Vocabulary: The Western Left and Its Sterile ‘Field of Ideas’

Che Guevara / Marilyn Monroe. (Kate Stanworth, Argentina Independent)

By Ramzy Baroud Over the year, I realized that the term ‘left’ is not exclusive to a political ideology, but a mode of thinking championed mostly by self-tailored ‘leftist’ western intellectuals. I grew to dislike it with intensity. But that has not always been the case. My father was a communist, or so he called himself. He read the translated …

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