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Israel/Palestine: Family Challenges Military on Fatal Shooting

Mourners carry the body of Palestinian man Falah Abu Marya, 53, during his funeral in the village of Beit Ummar near the West Bank city of Hebron July 23, 2015 © 2015 Reuters

Soldiers Killed Suspect’s Father in Apparent Arrest Attempt Human Rights Watch  (Ramallah) – Family members are challenging the Israeli military’s version of the July 23, 2015 fatal shooting of a 53-year-old Palestinian man. Three family members, who said they were present when Israeli soldiers fatally shot Falah Abu Marya in the chest after shooting and wounding his son, told Human …

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Yemen: Unlawful Airstrikes Kill Dozens of Civilians

Rubble from a residential house in Saada City. An airstrike almost completely destroyed the house on May 5, 2015, killing 27 members of one family. © 2015 Ole Solvang/Human Rights Watch

Coalition Forces Bomb Houses, Markets in Saada City By : Human Rights Watch  Saudi Arabia-led coalition forces have carried out airstrikes killing dozens of civilians in Saada City, in northern Yemen, since April 2015 in apparent violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The coalition should investigate all alleged laws-of-war violations and …

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Saudi Arabia: Possible New Flogging for Prominent Blogger


Supreme Court Confirms Sentence of 10 Years, 1,000 Lashes By: Human Rights Watch Saudi authorities could resume lashing liberal activist and blogger Raif Badawi on June 12, 2015. On June 7, Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court upheld a sentence of 10 years and 1,000 lashes against him. Badawi, convicted in 2013 for setting up a liberal website and allegedly insulting religious …

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Kuwait: New Law a Breakthrough for Domestic Workers

A female employer and her children are accompanied by their domestic worker, back right, as they walk through The Avenues, an indoor luxury shopping center in Kuwait City.  © 2010 Moises Saman/Magnum Photos

Guarantees Crucial Rights, but Gaps Remain Human Rights Watch Kuwaiti legislators’ adoption on June 24, 2015, of a new law giving domestic workers enforceable labor rights is a major breakthrough that should lead other Gulf states to take similar action. Kuwaiti authorities should rigorously carry out the new law and address remaining legal and policy gaps that discriminate against domestic …

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Iran: Sweeping Arrests of Ahwazi Arab Activists


Whereabouts Unknown for More Than 75 Held After Protests HRW (New York) – Iran’s intelligence and security forces have rounded up and detained scores of Ahwazi Arabs, including several children, in what appears to be an escalating crackdown in Iran’s Khuzestan province, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said today. According to activists and family members, many arrests took place …

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Israel: Settlement Agriculture Harms Palestinian Children

child farm workers ©Human Rights Watch

Out of School, Doing Risky Work for Low Pay – HRW (Jerusalem) – Israeli settlement farms in the West Bank are using Palestinian child labor to grow, harvest, and pack agricultural produce, much of it for export, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The farms pay the children low wages and subject them to dangerous working conditions …

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Jordan: Reforms Fall Short

Syrian refugee children flash V-signs at

Restricted Space for Refugees- HRW (Amman) – Jordanian reform initiatives in 2014 failed to end long-term abuses, and authorities continued to detain and prosecute peaceful critics, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2015. A three-year deadline for lawmakers to bring domestic legislation into compliance with basic freedoms guaranteed by Jordan’s 2011 constitution passed in October 2014 without …

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Egypt: Unprecedented Expansion of Military Courts


Decree Broadens Jurisdiction Over Civilians (Beirut) – An October 27 decree by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt vastly extended the reach of the country’s military courts and risks militarizing the prosecution of protesters and other government opponents. The new law, decreed by al-Sisi in the absence of a parliament, places all “public and vital facilities” under military jurisdiction for …

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Malaysia: Transgender Muslims win court appeal to cross-dress


Three Muslim Malaysian transgender people on Friday won a court ruling which challenged a religious law that forbade them from cross-dressing. The ruling has been hailed as a victory for human rights in the conservative nation. A three-judge panel in the Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that Shariah law in the state of Negeri Sembilan was discriminatory since it did …

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Locked Up in Karaj


Spotlight on Political Prisoners in One Iranian City – HRW   The 59-page report is based on a review of 189 cases in three prisons in the city of Karaj, near the capital, Tehran, including the charges they faced, details of their trials before revolutionary courts, and information from lawyers, prisoners’ families, and others. Human Rights Watch concluded that in …

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