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When Fear Triumphs over Rationality: Harper Anti-Terror Legislation


By Monia Mazigh In the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of the word “fear” reads as follows: “an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm.”Stephen Harper must have learned this definition by heart. The way he uses fear on the Canadian population to pass his proposed new anti-terror legislation is working to perfection, as least so …

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With isis here and isis there, here Isis, there isis, everywhere isis

The Golden Dawn banner consists of a Greek meander in a style which has been compared to the Nazi Party banner

By Salam Kareem This is the reality, and I don’t mean individuals who are connected with the group called Isis. I mean that fascists and bigots are everywhere. They all share the same principles and ideology. Yes same ideology. The ideology of hatred and intolerance. the ideology of forcing their ideology on others. The ideology of violence. The ideology of …

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Canada: Canadian IS member universally lambasted over call to arms


Canadian Muslim leaders on Monday sharply criticized a Muslim convert’s call for attacks in Canada; only a few weeks earlier, Canadian soldiers were killed in an extremist attack on home soil. The National Council of Canadian Muslims condemned the video broadcasted by the Canadian militant belonging to extremist group Islamic State (IS) as “abhorrent and un-Islamic”. “The attempt to justify …

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Iran: Syrian, Iranian foreign ministers say Israel in “same trench” with extremists


Iranian and Syrian Foreign Ministers on Monday condemned Israeli airstrikes near Damascus, labeling them as acts of aggression which proves that Israel is allied with extremist groups battling the Syrian regime. On Sunday, Israeli warplanes had bombed two areas, launching strikes near Damascus international airport and a town near the Syrian-Lebanese border. The Syrian government has said that the strikes …

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China: Religious prayer to be banned in all government building in Xinjiang


The tense autonomous region of Xinjiang has banned prayers and other religious practices in government business offices, schools and other buildings. Religious activities will only be allowed to take place in registered locations like mosques. Under new rules, people will also be not allowed to wear or force others to wear logos or clothes associated with extremist groups. It remains …

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Canadian national reportedly captured by IS in Syria


The Canadian government is working to determine the credibility of reports about a Canadian citizen that was allegedly captured by extremists in Syria. The Jerusalem post, citing websites “known to be close” to extremist group Islamic State (IS), reported on Sunday that Canadian Gill Rosenberg, who had reportedly joined Kurdish fighters, was captured by the extremists. However, CBC reported a …

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Syria: IS loses ground in Kobane


Syrian Kurds battling extremist group Islamic State (IS) in border town Kobane made new gains on Friday, expelling the extremists from many central buildings and capturing their weapons, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. According to the monitor, the advance came only hours after the international coalition launched four strikes against extremist positions in Kobane. The Kurdish People’s Protection …

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Jordan: Five imprisoned for supporting IS


On Monday, a Jordanian court sentenced five people to prison for being members of extremist group Islamic State (IS) and promoting the group on the internet. Two more trials of suspected extremist supporters, including a man who is accused of working as a cook for the al-Nusra Front, were also set in motion as part of a crackdown on militants …

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Syria: al-Nusra captures villages in northwestern province Idlib


The al-Nusra Front on Friday seized three villages in northwestern province of Idlib from rebels forces, including a US-supported group, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights said. According to the monitor, the al-Nusra Front now controls the villages of Hizareen, Al-Fateera and Sufuhun, where it had been battling rebel militia; it has been battling moderate and radical rebels in the …

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Syria: US-led campaign expands strikes to target al-Nusra Front


US-led airstrikes in Syria hit al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front and rebel brigade Ahrar al-Sham in a rare expansion of weeks of targeted raids at extremist group Islamic State, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights said on Thursday. Additionally, American media have reported that 24-year-old French bomb-maker David Drugeon, a converted Muslim who had joined al-Qaeda offshoot the Khorasan group, was …

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