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Canada: Mohamed Fahmy, Amnesty International Seek “Charter” To Help Canadians Jailed Overseas


journalist Mohamed Fahmy is leading the call for a new law that would lay out how Canadian politicians and bureaucrats should proceed when citizens are detained overseas. Fahmy, along with Amnesty International and other civil society groups advocating to see a ” protection charter” that would give transparency to a process that appears to be applied unequally and unevenly around …

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Liberals plans for immigration focus on “family reunification”  & “middle class growth”


The Liberal government unveiled new plans to change Canada’s immigration system  that  focus on compassion, economic opportunity, and family reunification. The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, announced the plans and said “Immigration is critical to job creation and long-term economic growth for the middle class. In so many ways, Canada is what it is today thanks …

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Canadian Imam says voting in elections is a “religious duty”  


An Imam  in calgary  is hoping Muslims across canada will vote against racism, discrimination and Islamophobia. Imam Syed Soharwardy  from the  Islamic Supreme Council of Canada and Muslims Against Terrorism said that Islamophobia is  increasing in Canada. He also called Canadian Muslims to exercise their right and their religious duty, and vote in the federal election which will be held …

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“ART4LIVES”  workshops to help refugee children to cope with war in Syria


In Lebanon ,The Phd candidate and psychologist Lara Kalaf, launched a crowd funding campaign on indiegogo to finance a new psychosocial support program for refugee children called “ART4LIVES”. These artistic workshops will teach participant refugee children a realistic ways to cope with the negative consequences of the war in Syria . what called the psychological resilience is the best way …

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Canada seeks pardon for Al-Jazeera journalist

Canadian Al-Jazeera English journalist Mohammed Fahmy, left, his lawyer Amal Clooney, centre, Canadian ambassador to Egypt, Troy Lulashnyk

Lawyer Amal Clooney , Said   that  the Canadian government has formally applied to Egyptian authorities for the pardon and deportation of  Mohamed Fahmy   the Canadian citizen and  Al-Jazeera journalist . Fahmy was sentenced to three years in prison, along with his  Al-Jazeera colleagues,  the Egyptian Baher Mohamed and  the Australian Peter Greste who  was deported to his  country earlier this year.  The journalists …

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 Fraser Institute: Canada ranks 6th on freedom index


  A new study  suggests Canada ranks 6th  out of 152 countries when it comes to human freedom while  US is 20th. The study  is a joint project of the Fraser Institute, the Liberales Institut of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for .Freedom (Germany), and the Cato Institute (United States) .it  used 76 indicators of personal, civil and economic freedoms. Hong …

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Montreal named best city in Canada for students

Classical University Buildings

In ““I the QS Best Student Cities 2015” study  Montreal has been named as  the best city in Canada for student,  and the eighth on an international list. The study cites the city’s high ranking educational institutions, like McGill University – ranked 21st in the world and 2nd in Canada – as well as Concordia University and Université de Montréal. Laura Bridgestock  wrote in the …

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Mulcair’s orange purge

Blood orange

By: Dr.Dawg Criticism of Israel is something that “today’s NDP” takes very seriously indeed: so seriously that a purge of candidates now appears to be underway. Their crime? To speak up for the human rights of Palestinians. After the recent roasting of a Palestinian toddler by Israeli settlers (no arrests to date, just a round-up of the Usual Suspects and a …

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Canada : Harper pledges to welcome 10,000 refugees from Iraq and Syria

Stephen Harper

 Stephen Harper is vowing to open Canada’s doors wider to assist refugees displaced by Islamic State fighters Harper used a campaign visit to pledge that a Conservative government would accept 10,000 refugees from Iraq and Syria over the next four years, despite criticism that the government has been slow to welcome the civilians it already promised to take in. he cautioned that …

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UN Human Rights Committee Worried about Canada’s Anti-terror Bill

Demonstrators attend a protest on a national day of action against Bill C-51, the government's proposed anti-terrorism legislation, outside the Vancouver Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver, Saturday, March 14, 2015.

On Thursday, United Nations Human Rights Committee raised concerns about Canada’s new anti-terror legislation (Bill C-51) saying it could run afoul of international human rights standards. The Anti-Terrorism Act, which passed by the Parliament in June, eases for intelligence officers, border guards and law enforcement officials monitoring and arresting potential terror suspects in Canada. The law also could potentially be …

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