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List of world’s most powerful passports

A new  list made by movehub.com, a website that deal with travel and people who move abroad ranked the most and the least powerful passports in the world based on travel freedom that every passport holder enjoys. The list shows the number of countries that passport holder can travel to without a visa or the possibility to have visa on arrival . Being able to passport holder to enter more countries without visa means that there country is on top of list and less countries passport holder can Enter put the country in the bottom of the list.

United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland have the most powerful passports in the world as passport holders can travel to 173 countries without a visa or can have it on arrival.
United States, Luxembourg Denmark, and Germany ranked second, with ability to access 172 countries.

Passport holders from countries in Europe, North America and Australasia, including Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Canada and New Zealand had best access, they was able to enter between 168 and 172 countries without visa.

Arab countries did not rank will in the list. Although, UAE passport holder had the most powerful passports in the Arab region with the ability to enter 72 countries. Qatar was next with 71 .

Iraq, Pakistan and Somalia hit the bottom of the list with access to only 31 or 32 countries. and The country with the least power in their passport is Afghanistan because Afghani national only able to visit 28 countries without a visa.

You will find the entire list below:

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