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photo from  ISIS Chan twitter account
photo from ISIS Chan twitter account

Japan:  “ISIS-chan”  account  fighting  ISIS with cartoons


Japanese manga girl “ISIS-chan” is appearing all over social media, and she has a mission  to stop ISIS (Islamic state group), and to gather as many melons as she can.

photo from ISIS Chan twitter account

ISIS-chan wears the terrorist group’s black clothing. She has green eyes and dark hair. She’s 19. And if she’s holding a knife, it’s only because she loves to slice and eat delicious melons.

photo from ISIS Chan twitter account

The Japanese Twitter account ISIS-chan (@isisvipper) was created by (hacktivist group Anonymous)  to disrupt ISIS propaganda online using popular hashtags,  so people searching for information about IS might  instead find cartoons of an adorable girl .

Reports said the account was created after (hacktivist group Anonymous) listed  ISIS affiliated Twitter accounts as targets of a social media storm. ISIS-chan currently has   almost 5000 followers.

the group is unique and  not  like other anti-ISIS activist. As it encourages people to contribute to its cause, it has some rules regarding its content : No insulting Islam or showing its religious symbols. respect images of hostages. No gore. No porn.

ISIS chan guidelines as mentioned in the account

The account   has an ability for taking a serious situation and finding ways to direct its humour at ISIS, for example it  makes  fun of  IS by  a picture where they are using head shaped melons, while  the anime girl chases after them with evil eyes.   .

photo from ISIS Chan twitter account

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