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Iran: Women Fined $260 for wearing “Bad Hijabs”

In  Tehran, court has fined two women $260 for violating the Islamic dress code by not wearing hijabs properly in the street, a judicial official said.

He added , “In recent days several cases have been filed in the court for bad hijabs and, in two of them, the accused were sentenced to pay 9 million rials ($260) in cash.

All women in Iran, included  foreigners required to wear scarf, which covers the hair and neck in public.

No details were given on what the women had done wrong to warrant the fine, which is equivalent to the monthly minimum wage.

Earlier this month, a police official said  that women drivers could have their cars impounded if they are caught driving with a poorly fixed veil or with their heads uncovered. Tehran traffic police chief General Teymour Hosseini said “If a (female) driver in a car is poorly veiled or has taken her veil off, the vehicle will be seized in accordance with the law,”.

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