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Iraq: Kurdish factions unite to oust extremists and rescue civilians


Kurdish fighters from Turkey, Syria and Iraq joined forces in Northern Iraq on Wednesday in a bid to reclaim territories lost to extremist forces and rescue several thousands of helpless civilians who have no access to water or food in nearby mountainous terrain. The civilians, most of them from the Yazidi minority, escaped to the Sinjar Mountains during the weekend …

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The Mouse Who Saved Egypt


Book By Karim Alrawi, illustrated by Bee Willey, Crocodile Books, 2011, hardcover, 32 pp. List: $16.95; AET: $14. Reviewed by Andrew Stimson   Acclaimed Egyptian playwright and free speech activist Karim Alrawi retells an ancient Egyptian folktale of simple kindness repaid a thousand-fold. Born in Alexandria, Alrawi studied creative writing at the University of Manchester, England, as well as the …

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“Camp David,” “Al Helm” and “The Admission” Must Reach U.S. Audiences


By Delinda C. Hanley (L-r) Menachem Begin (Ron Rifkin), President Jimmy Carter (Richard Thomas) and Anwar Sadat (Khaled Nabawy) “negotiate” at “Camp David.” (Photo Courtesy Arena Stage) There’s something quite remarkable about a play. A great actor can magically connect with a person sitting in the last row of a theater. Intense emotions can engulf the audience, one heart at a …

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Arab American radio icon Casey Kasem passes away


Eminent radio personality and proud Arab American Casey Kasem passed away early on Sunday at the age of 82, his daughter Kerri Kasem confirmed on popular website Facebook. Kasem had been hospitalized for the past two weeks in Washington. Kasem had Lewy body disease, the most prevalent kind of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease. His agent Don Pitts confirmed the news …

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Muslim Roots, U.S Blues


In the Memphis city park that carries his name, a statue of W. C. Handy commemorates his introduction of the blues along the city’s famously musical Beale Street.

Written by Jonathan Curiel Sylviane Diouf knows her audience might be skeptical, so to demonstrate the connection between Muslim traditions and American blues music, she’ll play two recordings: The athaan, the Muslim call to prayer that’s heard from minarets around the world, and “Levee Camp Holler,” an early type of blues song that first sprang up in the Mississippi Delta …

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Canadians told to look under Israeli forests


Canadian taxpayers are partly financing the uprooting of Palestinians from their villages to make way for forests, a movie now being screened in Canada states. “The Village under the Forest” is produced by two South African Jews – Emmy award-winning filmmaker Mark Kaplan and author Heidi Grunebaum who did the narration. Grunebaum visited the South Africa Forest in Israel and …

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