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The watermelon

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By Ahmed A. Yousef Immigrants may just have it significantly better than non-immigrants. Think of it this way, being at a crossroads of old country and new country, leaving behind one society and joining a new one. This is an ideal position for one to leave behind all those traditions, customs, and aspects of the old culture that are considered push …

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We need to talk about white people


By Amer Zahr– The Civil Arab We spend a lot of our time talking about immigrants, minorities, and foreigners.  But we almost never talk about white people.  And we should.  After all, there’s so many of them.  According to the 2010 US Census, the United States contains 223,553,265 of them.  They make up 72.4% of the country’s population.  (For some …

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Prime Minister, this isn’t how we should do things in Canada


In these difficult times, the government’s public messaging has been polarizing. By Amira Elghawaby The governing party was quick to issue an email blast this week requesting support for its stand against the imaginary mob of niqab-wearing women clamoring to gain citizenship in Canada. “This isn’t how we do things here,” reads the Conservatives’ pitch for support, echoing Prime Minister …

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Media Release: Canadian rights groups decry limited Parliamentary Committee hearings for Bill C-51, proposed major national security reforms


Rights groups across Canada reacted with alarm and deep concern to the news that the government has brought forward a motion limiting study of Bill C-51, the Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015, by the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security to only four sessions of two hours each. With the first session devoted to government witnesses, including …

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Israel’s new Asian allies


By Jonathan Cook It was another difficult week for Israel. In Britain, 700 artists, including many household names, pledged a cultural boycott of Israel, and a leader of the Board of Deputies, the representative body of UK Jews, quit, saying he could no longer abide by its ban on criticising Israel. Across the Atlantic, the student body of one of …

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Vancouver: Dawud Wharnsby Concert


On FEBRUARY 28, a Concert Fundraising Dinner for Qawsain Knowledge House performed By Dawud Wharnsby. Dawud Wharnsby is a Canadian singer-songwriter, performer, poet and an educator. He plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, bazouki, oud, bodhran, bongos, djembe, clarinet and tin whistle.  

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Who are the millionaires behind the Islamophobic industry in America?


CJ Werleman- MEE In an interview on CNN, Suzanne Barakat, the sister of one of the Chapel Hill shooting victims, said the film American Sniper has helped to not only “dehumanise Muslims” but also has created an atmosphere that is akin to an “open season” on Muslim Americans. Barakat says it was this climate of anti-Muslim bigotry that led to …

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When Fear Triumphs over Rationality: Harper Anti-Terror Legislation


By Monia Mazigh In the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of the word “fear” reads as follows: “an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm.”Stephen Harper must have learned this definition by heart. The way he uses fear on the Canadian population to pass his proposed new anti-terror legislation is working to perfection, as least so …

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Parking Space Terrorism: Time for Action after Killing of Three US Muslims

The victims from the left to right : Deah,Yusor, And Razan

By Ramzy Baroud The murder of three American Muslims at a University of North Carolina condominium on Tuesday, 10 February, was no ordinary murder, nor is the criminal who killed them an ordinary thug. The context of the killings, the murder itself and the media and official responses to the horrific event is a testimony to everything that went wrong …

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Toronto Newspaper Found Guilty of Libel Against Climate Scientist


by Lizabeth Paulat – Care 2 Does the National post of Toronto have a grudge against climate scientist Andrew Weaver? Well, from 2009-2010, it certainly seemed to be the case. Article after article decried Weaver as a “climate alarmist” and “Canada’s warmest spinner-in-chief.” However, it looks like Weaver had the last laugh, when, after filing a lawsuit for defamation, he was awarded 50,000 …

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