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The charade of Europe’s annual ‘threats’


By Jonathan Cook There is something deeply mendacious and cowardly about this ritual leaking by European diplomats of their annual report on Jerusalem. This year they’ve chosen to deposit the “confidential” report in the hands of the Guardian. Obviously, the Europeans – and Americans – want this information about how angry they are with Israel disseminated as widely as possible in the …

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Yemen: More than 140 killed by IS attacks on Houthis mosques in Sanaa


Suicide bombers belong to Islamic state have attacked two mosques in Sanaa. More than 140 have been killed and more than 350 have been wounded . Victims were attending Friday weekly prayers at mosques when the four bombers attacked the Badr mosque in Alsafeya District in central Sanaa  and Al-Hashosh mosque in Algiraf District . These mosques are known to …

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‘Islamic State’ as a Western Phenomenon? Reimagining the IS Debate


By Ramzy Baroud No matter how one attempts to wrangle with the so-called ‘Islamic State’ (IS) rise in Iraq and Syria, desperately seeking any political or other context that would validate the movement as an explainable historical circumstance, things refuse to add up. Not only is IS to a degree an alien movement in the larger body politic of the …

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Incitement Defines This Israeli Election


By Jonathan Cook Israel goes to the polls on Tuesday. In one sense, everything is up for grabs: this election could result either in another right-wing government led by Benjamin Netanyahu or in victory for a coalition of centrist parties distinguished chiefly by their hostility towards Mr Netanyahu. Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain: the next government will be …

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Racism, paranoia and desperation mark Netanyahu’s election campaign


By Jonathan Cook – 17 March 2015 Over the final fortnight of Israel’s election campaign, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has gone from being celebrated for slaying President Barack Obama in the US Congress to looking and sounding more like one of Obama’s least-loved predecessors: Richard Nixon. Tired, confused, desperate and paranoid are just a few of the epithets that have …

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More Chaos, Massacres and Mayhem During 2015 in the Middle East


Scenarios In The Arab Region During 2015 I agree with the view that the Middle East is the most dangerous region in the world. In recent years, the region has witnessed upheavals, revolutions, insurrections, wars, tensions and conflicts that preceded the onset of the Arab Spring in 2011. Salman Aldossary, Chief Editor of the Pan-Arabic Asharq al Awsat Newspaper, is …

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Secret History of My Geography Teacher, also Cofounder of Hamas

Sheikh Hamad Al-Hasanat

By Ramzy Baroud This is not my geography teacher, or, more accurately it is not at all how I remember him. A series of APA images published by the British Daily Mail and other newspapers showed Hamad al-Hasanat lying dead in a mosque, surrounded by a group of Hamas fighters. On top of his lifeless body, as worshipers came to …

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Three worrisome facts about B.C.’s job market on the eve of Budget 2015


By Iglika Ivanova- The Rabble.ca 2015 marks the sixth year of B.C.’s recovery from the recession. But it’s been a slow and largely jobless recovery in B.C. 1. B.C. needs 93,000 more jobs to return to our pre-recession employment rate (the proportion of working-age British Columbians who have jobs). Only 71.2 per cent of working-age British Columbians have jobs today. …

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Peter Oborne opens a media can of worms


By Jonathan Cook The revelations last week by the Daily Telegraph’s former chief political commentator Peter Oborne that his newspaper spiked stories that upset advertisers to avoid losing lucrative ad revenue have apparently taken most journalists by surprise. It has been especially embarrassing for the Telegraph, because one of the advertisers it apparently placated was the HSBC bank, currently at the centre of a storm of …

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Canada’s Ugly Shame


By Ahmed A. Yousef Canada is known throughout the world as peaceful nation that honors the equality of all those living within its borders. Immigrants seek Canada for this equality that is so elusive in their home countries. Leaving the old country behind to start a new with dignity, freedom, and honor is extremely difficult. However, the principals on which Canada …

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